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Business plan of a restaurant

Business restarauntAmong the many options for earning money one of the most attractive and interesting is sphere of granting of restaurant services. This kind of business is very popular among novice and experienced investors. It is worth noting that even well-written business plan for a restaurant needs to careful study, as rough calculations can then turn into significant financial losses.

To begin planning the project of catering facilities should be from competent intelligence operations — marketing research. Questionnaires on the street and work with professional focus groups will help in selecting the most effective type, price range and location of the restaurant.

Also a marketing research to determine the level of income of potential customers into account traffic flows provided in the area of the city. Carefully analyzing all the data, the future restaurateur makes a final decision in favor of the construction enterprise «from scratch» or purchase ready-restaurant business.

Calculation of costs

We calculate the minimum price of the admission ticket in the restaurant business for places with a capacity of 100 guests:

  • Acquisition of equipment — $ 30 000;
  • Office rent — from $ 4000 per month (depending on the region);
  • Licenses, permits — $ 5,000;
  • Repair and design of a premise — from $ 15 000;
  • Taxes and utilities — $ 3,000 per month;
  • The fund staff salaries — $ 6,000 per month;
  • A sign, advertising campaign — $ 2,000.

Total, to open a restaurant, you must have an average of $ 100,000 of available funds, excluding the cost of maintaining the efficiency of the enterprise in the first few months until the institution will «wobble» and gain momentum.

Calculation of profits

The average mark-up on food in many restaurants starts with a mark of 300%. For bars, the mark-up on standard drink is set at 100-300%, drinks elite class increased in price by 400%. For weddings and banquets are encouraged to develop banquet menu with fork prices. The minimum margin is set at a business lunch — it provides places attendance at lunchtime. As practice shows, a medium-sized restaurant (no more than 100 people) a month brings its owners about $ 10,000 of net income.

Calculation of payback

Depending on the size of the investments and the level of the restaurant, it’s payback period is approximately 2-5 years. This term defines any business plan for the restaurant.

Conclusions. The successful activity of restaurant, first of all, depends on your desire to make a successful business, as well as on the ability of its present quality. To advertise immediately before the opening, you can use banners, radio and television. After opening the best advertisement for you will be the good name of your place and the talent of the chef. And it will create you grateful clients dividing his impressions after visiting the restaurant.

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