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Business plan of beauty salon

Business on beauty salonPerfect haircut, well-groomed skin and manicure are main components of the appearance of any modern man. Is it possible to earn on people’s eternal desire to look good? Of course you can! This business plan of beauty salon will tell you about the features of the opening of such institutions, cost, profitability and prospects of development of this type of activity.

As you know successful start of any business should be based on qualitative research in a particular area of the market so the information contained in this article will be your own guide in this kind of endeavor.

Calculation of costs

  • Place — $ 1,600 per month (rent) or a lump sum $ 30,000 (purchase). This is a mean price for Russia. In different regions it may vary slightly.
  • Arrangement of a place, design — $ 30,000.
  • Equipment — $ 30,000.
  • Incidental expense — $ 15,000.
  • Staff Salary — $ 36,000 a year.
  • Total: $ 142,000.

Of course, sum of costs can reach 250 thousand dollars depending on many different factors. Namely – the choice of designers, equipment suppliers, material quality, skill masters of finishing and repair places.

Calculation of profits

The company’s profit will depend entirely on the manager ability to do business. If you can at the initial stage to attract customers and keep them in the future, the level of profit can be calculated based on the following criteria.

For example, at an average cost of hairdressing service $ 8 as well as the approximate time of its implementation of 20 minutes during an 8-hour working shift hairdresser must perform 24 services. Given the spontaneous and planned downtime (low workload of clients, break for lunch) we will stop in 20 haircuts. In these figures the daily gross income is 150 dollars and the net profit of masters, the net daily income will be equal to $ 75.

Cosmetology services, pedicures and manicures can bring the average income (minus so-called labor payment,) in the amount of $ 23 per day.That is the daily total return of beauty salon is about $ 96.

Calculation of payback

As practice shows in rented places an approximate payback period of this activity is 2 — 3 years.

Conclusion. Even with the considerable expenses for the payment of taxes, utilities and staff salaries, a beauty salon is a quite promising and profitable business. It is only necessary to competently draw up a business plan for beauty salon. In addition, it is important to comply with all the nuances described above (to attract customers ofloyal prices and skill, to choose a good place). The further development of the company, the increase in revenues and maintaining profitability will depend on you!

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