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Business plan of bridal salon

To open a bridal salon, you can use the premises with an area of 30-50 m2. It is best to equip a salon in a shopping center or other place where the attendance is high enough. Many entrepreneurs who own bridal salon noted good profitability in the premises of the first floor.

Equipment of bridal salon is similar to equipment of conventional clothing store. If it is impossible drilling walls in the premises, floor systems are installed. For accessories and jewelry will need the showcases. Wedding dresses hanged out on hangers and racks, shoes placed on the shelves. Of course, it can’t do in a wedding salon without dummies.

An important factor that plays a significant role in the success of your business is a range. This issue should be examined in detail and include in business plan for a bridal salon. The easiest way to buy ready-made clothes, but it should be remembered that in a short time to sell all the goods is not always possible, so you have to implement it with huge discounts. Many bridal salons for clients are offered to order from the catalog outfit, while receiving an advance payment equal to half the cost. This option minimizes the possible risks.

Calculation of costs

The costs associated with the opening of the bridal salon, depending on a variety of figures, such as the location of the premises, the value of its lease or purchase, etc. Consider an approximate cost scheme:

  • Premises — rent 500-1000 dollars, the purchase of 30 000-100 000 dollars. The proximity to the center, of course, increases these figures.
  • Repair and design of a premise — $ 6000.
  • Purchase of equipment (display cases, shelving mannequins, and other equipment) — 5000 dollars.
  • Salaries of employees — $ 800 — 2000 per month.
  • Advertising — $ 500 per month.

As a result, to start a business, you will need at least $ 15 000. Of course, this amount could be much higher, if it is decided immediately to buy the premises.

The monthly cost will be about $ 5000.

Calculation of profits for bridal salon

With a well-organized advertising the sale and rental of wedding dresses will bring you about $ 10 000. For the provision of services in organizing weddings events including mediation you can get another $ 5 000. If the salon also will be provided manicure services and the creation of wedding hairstyles, by comprehensive income should add approximately $ 4000.

Calculation of payback

If according to the business plan of a bridal salon, the company each month will bring $ 16 000 — 20 000, then a year later (in the case of the purchase of premises), the funds invested in the business, will be returned.

Conclusions. If you have a start-up capital and a desire to start own business which is not only very quickly pay back, but also to turn a profit, it is safe to open a bridal salon.

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