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Business plan of car wash

Car washing business planAutumn, slush on the roads, cold and rainy days — in this weather, many drivers are thinking about visiting a car wash. In the summer, as a rule, with a view to economy, motorists prefer to wash a car yourself, in the winter try to avoid “water treatment”, but in the offseason about car wash can be seen long queues. Reflecting on the possibility of opening own car wash don’t forget about the seasonality of this business which means to considerable fluctuations in demand. Meanwhile, at the competent organization, its profitability can be quite high. In this article we propose to consider the business plan of car wash which allow to determine the level of anticipated revenues, the size of the necessary investments as well as highlighting a number of other important nuances.

Of course, in every city provides completely different conditions for doing business. For example, in a large region far more opportunities to take a good place, despite the strong competition.A particularly advantageous to have a car wash on the routes connecting neighboring cities. Also quite profitable locations are at petrol stations, service stations, car parks and close to the auto parts store.

«Win» competition can be achieved by the introduction of a wide range of services. Be sure to fill in the business plan of car wash all offered by car owners services with a detailed description.

Calculation of costs for opening car wash

In order to calculate an approximate costs necessary to start a business, you should know the size of the committed expenditures:

  • Paperwork — $ 4000.
  • Acquisition of equipment — $ 15,000.
  • Landscaping of the adjacent territory — $ 1500.
  • Installation of equipment — $ 1500.
  • Office rent — $ 1500 per month.
  • Equipment for water supply — $ 2000.
  • Furnish and renovation of premises — $ 2500.
  • Connection of communications — $ 2000.
  • Accessories and chemicals — $ 1 500 per month.
  • Salaries of staff — $ 8000 per month.
  • Marketing — $ 1500 per month.
  • Additional costs — $ 2000 per month.

Calculation of profits

Provided the organization working around the clock, monthly profit of car wash will average 60% of the expenses made. That is, under favorable circumstances (over 1,000 customers per month), monthly income will be $ 15,000.

Calculation of payback according to business plan

If we consider that the monthly cost of providing efficiency of car wash is approximately $ 11,000, it can be concluded that the business will pay back quickly enough: during the half a year. When very large costs, this period may be increased to two years.

Conclusion. According to specialists, a car wash is favorable business, the profitability of which the average is 40%.

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