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Business plan of clothing store

Business plan clothing storeThe distinctive feature of modern apparel market is a pronounced social component of consumer products store. Perhaps no other subject doesn’t talk about its owner as much as the clothes. It is possible to estimate the level of income, lifestyle and membership in a particular social group.

Clothing is a singular “designer” by which man creates his own image. Accordingly, the main task of the service in such a store is to help the customer in shaping the image: a discussion of his “vision” itself, matching with complexion and fashion trends, offer suitable models.

Trade of fashionable clothes is a specific and rather complicated activity. It’s difficult because of the unpredictability of trends and tendencies of fashion which can make the trademark owner is quite a wealthy man or vice versa within one season destroy completely. Constant influence of fashion trends, tough depending on the tastes and caprices of customers, imposeson the conduct of «fashionable» business special stamp. That’s why making business plan of clothing store, you should take into account all the features of this market, and properly prepare for possible difficulties.

Calculation of costs for opening clothing store

Franchise — in the range of 45-47 thousand dollars.

Rent of place for the shop — $ 1,500 per month.

Repair of place — from 5 million dollars.

Equipping of store — 3,500 thousand dollars.

Advertisement — $ 1,000.

Purchase of the first batch of goods — about $ 10,000.

Salaries of staff — from $ 3,000 per month.


In aggregate, the initial costs of opening from a “zero” of clothing store make about 70 thousand dollars.


Calculation of profits for clothing store

Trading margin established of business owner and may be 50-200% (or even more).

Calculation of payback

As a rule, the full payback of this type of activity provided competently made business plan of clothing store, occurs within a half to two years.

Business plan conclusions. As the experience of many participants of the market, profit and sales of specialized shop of accessories and clothing are usually much higher than in other retail outlets. Clothes are always in great demand (even taking into account the seasonal factor). And today the development of this market segment is carried out more rapidly. Consumers need an inexpensive and yet unique clothing.

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