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Business plan of hairdressing salon

Business hair salonTypically, a business that does not require significant initial investment, is to meet the daily needs of the population. To this kind of business include hairdressing. As you know, almost all people grow hair, so barber services steady demand.

Opening a private hairdressing salon is a great idea to start own business. Competently created a business plan for the hairdressing salon, you are guaranteed to succeed.

Present situation on the market of hairdressing services, points to the advisability of opening the salon for a wide range of customers. Best of all, if this is a hairdresser economy class located in the normal area.

Calculation of costs

—        Rent of salon — from $ 5,000;

—        Equipment — from $ 5,000;

—        Salaries of staff — 40% of revenue;

—        Accounting (outsourcing) — $ 2,500 per year;

—        Advertising — $ 1,000;

Total: for the start of the project is necessary $ 15,000. If you decide to rent a premise, you will be able to reduce this amount by several times.

Calculation of profits

If we consider that each master a day will earn around 100-150 dollars of net income that in the month this figure will be approximately equal to 30,000 dollars.

Calculation of payback according business-plan

As can be seen from previous estimates of a business plan for hairdressing salon, a similar institution must be recouped only after two years of continuous operation. However, in fact, often it looks quite different. As the experience of owners of the existing of hairdressing salons full payback they have achieved after 7-14 months of full work.

Conclusions. Services of the beauty industry in the modern world are always in demand along with essential goods and food. Therefore, business in the provision of hairdressing services cannot simply be unprofitable. The profitability and the rate of payback of businesses is directly dependent on the effectiveness of advertising strategies, the chosen location, staff qualification. At the same time, of course, do not forget about the human factor. So, respectful and friendly handling of workers to the hairdressing salon visitors can play a decisive role in the choice of last permanent place to “bring the head in order”.

All this will not only contribute to the successful survival of your business in the domestic market, but will also progressively develop it, to expand horizons to implement new projects.

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