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Business plan of photography studio

Last years photograph of a simple hobby became progressively turning into quite a profitable business. People like to enjoy high-quality pictures — portraits, moments of relaxation, scenery and etc., these pictures bring aesthetic and moral satisfaction. Of course, with the imprinting of family celebrations or moments from holiday many amateurs of photographic art to cope on their own, however, portraits, high-quality recording of memorable events and celebrations, only by professionals. All this allows us to talk about the profitability and prospects of photo business.

By activity of photography studio can mean the provision of various services, such as conducting professional photography, creation of advertising images and individual portfolios, renting a studio and photographic equipment for rent. To date, these establishments exist quite a bit, so the project has attracted many businessmen by low competition.

To start a business is not marred by serious problems, you must correctly and in detail calculate the business plan of photography studio — it will determine the course of action and allocate initial investments.

Calculation of costs

  • Office rent — from $ 1,000;
  • Lighting equipment — about $ 2,000;
  • Repair of premises — $ 2,000;
  • Equipment — $ 2,000;
  • Equipment for the dressing room — from $ 400;
  • Backgrounds for shooting — $ 500;
  • Equipment administrator’s workstation — about $ 1,000;
  • Development of the site, its promotion and advancement — from $ 1,500;
  • Supplies — $ 300;
  • The salary of employees — from 2,000 dollars.

As a result, the approximate cost is 20 thousand dollars.

Calculation of profits for photography studio

The cost of one hour of studio shooting average is $ 30. Even the order of $ 10 — processing of footage (registration, correction, printing). Letting studios for rent, for example, for the shooting of the model portfolio is approximately $ 20 per hour. The cost of prom or a wedding album — from $ 50. Of course, during the first months, the company will be a day to work for 2-3 hours, but a year later, when well-written business plan of photography studio and a proper advertising company, it can reach the level of 12-hour loading. A year later, the monthly income of the project will be approximately $ 6,500.

Calculation of payback

Estimated payback period — 1 year. The profitability of such enterprise per month can reach 80%.

Conclusions. Photography studio is a quite profitable type of business: in the life of every person and every company happen the solemn events that would like to perpetuate a high quality and beautiful pictures. In such situations, the most popular are intelligently designed and organized by the photography studio.

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