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Business plan of travel agency

Pack up and go on an unforgettable journey away from everyday worries and problems, dreams almost every working person. However, many tend to systematically implement this vision. Of course, in such conditions is a lot of wishing to earn on such a common weakness of most people. You, too, decided to start own business in the tourism industry? Great! But in order for it to bring maximum profit, you need to draw up a good business plan for the travel agency to thoroughly understand all the nuances of this sphere.

In the first place, it is determined by a complex of services to be offered to clients. Today, the choice is wide enough: rest in the country and abroad, excursion, educational, youth, children’s tours, treatment, business trips and more. You also can not forget about the seasonality of the business, and therefore it is worth considering the introduction of additional services that will compensate for the loss.

As is known, the height of most travel agencies is in May-September, some bursts of interest observed on March 8 and during the Christmas holidays. It is therefore necessary to organize the work of the company in such a way to get at this time of maximum profit, which will cover the losses incurred by the off-season. However, the very concept of «off-season» rather stereotypical. Customers will come to a good travel agency at any time.

Plan to open a company, pay attention to the choice of premises. The best option placement office is an object with a separate entrance (from the street) and parking. At the entrance should be set big bright sign, which will identify the company and attract new customers.

Calculation of costs for open travel agency

Initial investment:

  • The rent for two months in advance: $ 600;
  • Office equipment: $ 2,000;
  • Furniture: $ 700;
  • Phones: $ 400;
  • Fax: $ 150;
  • Creating a web site: $ 500.

Total initial investment will amount to about $ 4,000.

Monthly cost:

  • Advertisement: $ 500;
  • Rent of premises: $ 300;
  • Remuneration coming accountant: $ 150;
  • Salary management: $ 1,800.

As a result, the monthly cost will be about 2750 dollars.

Calculation of profits

Let’s say your company is work 6 days in the week, every day, selling four permits (worth $ 750). During the year you will be able to implement approximately one thousand permits ($ 750,000). From this amount, we calculate 10% out of 75,000 dollars. That is about 43,000 dollars of net profit. But this is at absolutely ideal conditions! It should be remembered about seasonality and about that your business is at the beginning of its life cycle.

Calculation of payback

The payback period according to the business plan of a travel agency, the average is one year. However, this figure is very unstable and depends on many factors.

Conclusions. Over the years, the tourist business is included in the list of the most financially stable and profitable activities. Moreover, in recent years around the world spread the cult of foreign leisure and tourism. Therefore, the opening of own travel agency is a great way to start a profitable business.

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