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Types of Business Plans

Types of business plansBusiness planning is an original and one of the most important work stages of an enterprise specializing in the production / realization of goods /services. With this process should start any activity, especially that related to getting a loan or investment of large sums of financial resources. Business plan is the most important for an entrepreneur-future owner, because the plan will allow making graphical analysis of the market, defining the conditions, prospects and opportunities of the enterprise.

The specialists identify several types of business plans. It depends on the level of difficulty and development goals. Let’s take a look at the types of business plans and their differences:

Standard business plan

Documents of this type are used if there is no necessity for preparation of a detailed business plan. They are oriented at getting well-defined answers about the basic parameters of business (projected net income, investment volume, payback period, cash flow graphs, profitability, break-even point as well as to draw up a rough plan-schedule of project implementation.

Bankable business plan

Business plan for bank must demonstrate the financial viability, feasibility, payback and business prospects. At the same time the financial flows of the project should cover the repayment graphs of loan interest and basic debt.

Business plan for investors

This business plan allows you to:

  • attract investment, to convince sponsors and partners;
  • ensure the transparency of the business;
  • demonstrate the prospects of its development;
  • draw customers.

To attract an investor is more difficult than to get a loan. In this regard, the strategy should focus on the growth potential of the business, prospects of its development and definition of the most profitable for the investor of the project financing scheme (or entering the project).

Growth or expansion business plan

This type of business plan allows you to:

  • get an objective assessment of the project by an independent expert;
  • organize an effective system of governance;
  • ensure efficient use of resources during the implementation of the project.

It used for management goals and for reduction of investments risks. It is performed on the grounds of marketing research, detailed marketing plan, detailed production methods, risk analysis and assessment.

Financial project plan

This business plan must include:

  • a plan on costs at the resources;
  • a sales plan;
  • a plan of tax payments;
  • a plan of  lab our inputs;
  • a plan of investment in current and fixed capital;
  • a plan of debt funds and repayment;
  • a report about movement and funds;
  • a report of loss and gain;
  • a calculation of the project.

Examples of ready business plans are presented at our website in section Business Plans. Each business plan includes detailed calculation of start-up business, content and ROI analysis.

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